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Lindbergh: the Crime

By: Behn, Noel

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New York, The Atlantic Monthly Press: 1994

Seller ID: 021356

ISBN: 0871135442

Binding: Cloth & Boards

Condition: Good

King Without a Crown: Albert, Prince Consort of England, 1819-1861

By: Bennett, Daphne

Price: $12.50

Publisher: Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Co: 1977

Seller ID: 026526

ISBN: 0397011431

Binding: Hard Cover

Condition: Good

The Isherwood Century: Essays on the Life and Work of Christopher Isherwood

By: Berg And Freeman (Edited)

Price: $12.50

Publisher: Wisconsin, The University of Wisconsin Press: 2000

Seller ID: 017484

ISBN: 0299167003

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good

Hippocrates in a Red Vest: the Biography of a Frontier Doctor

By: Beshoar, Barron B.

Price: $17.50

Publisher: Palo Alto, Ca, American West Publishing Co.: 1973

Seller ID: 019959

ISBN: 0910118310

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Good

Passion and Prejudice: A Family Memoir

By: Bingham, Sallie

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New York, Alfred a Knopf Inc: 1989

Seller ID: 015953

ISBN: 0-394-55851-0

Binding: Gray Boards w/ cloth Spine

Condition: Good -

The Messiah and the Mandarins: Mao Tsetung and the Ironies of Power

By: Bloodworth, Dennis

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New York, Atheneum: 1982

Seller ID: 017442

ISBN: 0689112971

Binding: Cloth & Boards

Condition: Good

The Journal of Rochfort Maguire 1852-1854: Two Years at Point Barrow, Alaska, Aboard H.M.S. Plover in the Search for Sir John Franklin, in Two Volumes

By: Bockstoce, John (Edited)

Price: $65.00

Publisher: London, Hakluyt Society: 1988

Seller ID: 021735

ISBN: 0904180247

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Good

Illustrators 32

By: Bossert, Jill (Editor)

Price: $49.50

Publisher: New York, Society of Illustrators: 1990

Seller ID: 018746

ISBN: 0823060500

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good

Values of the Game

By: Bradley, Brad

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New York, Artisan: 1998

Seller ID: 019662

ISBN: 157965116X

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good


By: Branagh, Kenneth

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New York, W. W. Norton & Company: 1989

Seller ID: 012515

ISBN: 0393028623

Binding: Gray Boards w/Black Cl Spine

Condition: Good

The Shifting Point: Theatre, Film, Opera, 1946-1987

By: Brook, Peter

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New York, Harper & Row: 1987

Seller ID: 027376

ISBN: 0060390735

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good

Independent: a Biography of Lewis W. Douglas

By: Browder And Smith

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New York, Alfred A Knopf: 1986

Seller ID: 019725

ISBN: 039449878X

Binding: Cloth & Boards

Condition: Good

Mary Pickford Rediscovered: Rare Pictures of a Hollywood Legend

By: Brownlow, Kevin

Price: $25.00

Publisher: New York, Harry N. Abrams: 1999

Seller ID: 036453

ISBN: 0810943743

Binding: Black Boards

Condition: Good +

Edward Kennedy and the Camelot Legacy

By: Burns, James Mac Gregor

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New York, W. W. Norton & Company: 1976

Seller ID: 010435

ISBN: 039307501X

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Good

The Prolific Pencil: a Biography of Joseph Crosby Lincoln, Litt.D.

By: Burrows, Fredrika A. (Edited)

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Massachusetts, William S. Sullwold: 1980

Seller ID: 024592

ISBN: 0884920372

Binding: Cloth & Boards

Condition: Good

"a Good Poor Man's Wife", Being the Chronicle of Harriet Hanson Robinson and Her Family in Nineteenth Century New England

By: Bushman, Claudia L.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Hanover & London, University Press of New England: 1981

Seller ID: 024702

ISBN: 0874511933

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Good

Ritual Magic

By: Butler, E.M.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Newcastle Publishing Company, Inc.: 1971

Seller ID: 043455

ISBN: 0878770011

Binding: Soft Cover

Condition: Good

Patrick Henry: Patriot and Statesman

By: Campbell, Norine Dickson

Price: $12.50

Publisher: Old Greenwich, CT, Devin-Adair Company: 1975

Seller ID: 004575

ISBN: 081596501X

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good

The Road to Haworth, a Family Saga of the Brontes in Ireland

By: Cannon, John

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New York, The Viking Press: 1981

Seller ID: 012470

ISBN: 0670600792

Binding: Cloth and Paper

Condition: Good

First Lady From Plains

By: Carter, Rosalynn

Price: $12.50

Publisher: Boston, MA, Houghton Mifflin Co.: 1984

Seller ID: 004663

ISBN: 0395352940

Binding: Paper Boards

Condition: Very Good